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Terms and Conditions

Refund and Cancellation Policy


Per the marathon running industry policy, all entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to a different year or different runner. This policy applies to all entrants and is in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected family/business emergency, have a medical emergency, etc.


If the course has to be changed or the race cancelled due to an act of nature, or the event time changed due to circumstances beyond our control, there are no refunds or rollovers. You may not sell or give your bib to another person without going through the transfer process. There are NO exceptions.

Your entry fee IS NOT TRANSFERABLE to a future year. You do not need to inform us of your cancellation. 


While it may seem like no big deal to run without registering (a bandit) or give or sell your race bib to another person, it does present serious issues to both the race organizers and the participant field. Race results and finisher’s awards can be impacted and medical staff might not be able to identify a participant in need of treatment on the course. It is imperative that the person wearing the bib and taking part in the race is the same person that is in our registrant database.

If a person is caught wearing a bib that is registered to someone else, both parties will be banned from participating in all Big Sur events for a period of one year. The person wearing the bib will also be disqualified from any official results.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please register for the event with care. Registrations are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be modified. Provide us with a secure email address and an easily reachable phone number that you can access regularly, as these will be our primary means of contacting you during the run-up to the event as well as post the event.

  2. Any notice sent to the email address, or Messenger app such as Telegram on the phone registered shall be deemed as received by the participant.

  3. Please fill out all the fields that are necessary for the registration as well as the purposes of contacting you. Please validate your entries before you submit the form. Please double check to ensure your phone number, Email address and the emergency contact details provided are accurate. You hereby agree that all contact related entries provided by you are accurate and authorize the organizer to reach you on those contact details.

  4. By registering you agree that long distance running is an extreme sport and can be injurious to body and health, and you have the necessary training to participate in the event. 

  5. The minimum age criterion set for this event for short distance running such as 10 km, 5 km, 3km and above is 14 years, 12 years and 6 years fully completed as on the date of the event. By registering to this event you agree that you have completed above age. Any one not following the above age criteria are not allowed to run in this event. If anyone registered found not following the age criteria, their registration will be cancelled and they will not be allowed to run in the event

  6. While the event organizer will take utmost care to ensure the event runs peacefully and uneventful, you hereby acknowledge to have understood all the risks associated with participating in this event including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat or humidity, traffic and the condition of the road, arson or terrorist threats and all other risks associated with a public event.

  7. You agree to abide by the instructions provided by the event organizers from time to time in the best interests of your health and event safety.

  8. You also agree to stop running, even if there is no reason cited, as instructed by the Race Director or the medical staff or by the aid station volunteers.

  9. You confirm that you filled in a questionnaire on your medical condition to the best of your knowledge and ability, as requested in order to assist in case of an emergency.

  10. You confirm that all the details you have provided in the Registration Form are true to the best of your knowledge and authorize the event organizer and any partner of the event to use the information provided by you for the purposes of providing you the right services and rich experience prior to the event as well as post the event

  11. You confirm that your name and media recordings if taken during your participation may be used to publicize the Event.

  12. You understand that registrations once submitted are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be modified. The organizers reserve the right to reject any application without providing reasons. Any amount collected from rejected applications will be refunded in full (excluding bank charges, taxes, handling fee etc. as applicable).

  13. The organizers will contact the participants by Email or Messenger App or phone call . Any such notice sent to the participant contact details registered with the Organizers shall be deemed as received by the participants.

  14. Once the Registration transaction is complete, the organizer is not liable to process any refunds under any circumstances.

  15. Organizer's judgement and decision is final with regards to prizes and positions are concerned. You here by agree that you abide by the judgement and decision of organizer and timing partner that their decisions are final.

  16. You are hereby agreeing that you have fully read the above Terms & Conditions and understood them on your own will and wish, not being forced by anyone to do do. You are providing your concurrence to these terms and conditions by proceeding to register for the event.

For any Issues, grievances, questions and clarifications related to the event and its execution please contact us email

Privacy Policy :
Privacy Guarantee

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